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Garage-EV | Now Offering Lifetime Undercoating by Waxoyl

Garage-EV is now offering Lifetime Undercoating for EVs, Hybrids and Conventional ICE Vehicles. Following much research on the subject we are offering a proven product that is Durable, Environmentally Friendly that will not damage seals, wiring, plastics, or rubber or void manufactures warranties. In Atlantic Canada, especially, we have some of the harshest environments for vehicles with salt roads in the winter and and atmospheric corrosion in summer due to our close proximity to the Atlantic ocean. Even vintage vehicles can benefit from the treatment of Waxoyl to maintain them in pristine condition. In fact, Waxoyl

has been endorsed by a number of OEM vehicle manufacturers such as :

GM, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Land Rover etc. See the full list by clicking here

We feel confident in our endorsement of Waxoyl as the best product to apply for long lasting durable protection throughout a vehicle’s useful life. Even though this is a lifetime application system we strongly recommend that treated vehicles be subjected to visual inspection annually when any exposed parts can be touched-up as necessary.

Should I undercoat my EV or Hybrid vehicle?

Absolutely! You expect to pay more for hybrid

and electric vehicles than you do for a pure gas or diesel engine vehicle. The obvious benefit comes from lower operating costs but one of the main advantages that we are seeing comes from the long life of hybrid and electric vehicles. In fact, we routinely see hybrid vehicles coming in for service with 200,000 + km on the clock and still mechanically strong. Unfortunately rust seems to be a common problem, sealing the end of many otherwise perfectly usable vehicles. Prevention is the best cure which we strongly recommend to all our customers.

What makes our process different compared to standard undercoating?

Garage-EV's process focuses on preparation of the vehicle, removing panels, washing, treating any visible rust without DRILLING! Cavities (door panels etc.) wax to fog voids that cannot be easily accessed or regularly cleaned. This will protect the vehicle from the inside. This fog will settle and

cure to a wax base, not an oily drippy mess. Hard wax is used on the underside of the vehicle that is exposed to splashing, road dust / debris and in the case of off road vehicles area where it could be exposed to harsher abrasion such as gravel, brush etc. This is a black, self healing hard wax that can take the abuse. See the chart below with some comparisons with other undercoating products.

EVs and Hybrid vehicles?

EV's and Hybrids undergo a special preparation process in which all protective panels and covers are removed to exposed HV components which are then wrapped to protect them from being sprayed. Waxoyl will not effect electrical components ( actually some vehicle manufactures use it on off-road vehicles to seal connectors) but we do not spray HV connections with product. We will not require the use of the Black Hard Wax since EVs have more under panels to take the abuse from splashing and abrasion. This also guarantees that there is no possibility of covering Orange HV cables or other electrical components with underseal product.


Will undercoating void my vehicle warranty?

Properly applied in a controlled environment by trained technicians the OEM manufactures warranty should not be affected. Here is an interesting comparison of undercoating products:

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